Meet The Artists: Rock, Paper, Silver

This is the post excerpt.


Rock, Paper, Silver represents the work of three friends who enjoy working together and learning new elements of their crafts.  Rock (Myra Bennett), Paper (Betsy Baker), and Silver (Cheryl Ware) have been making jewelry separately for years and together for two years.

Myra enjoys working with rocks and minerals, both rough and refined, in wire-wrapped and beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and decor.

Betsy began working with origami and has expanded her fascination with paper to quilling (cards, decor) and to paper beads (with bracelets, necklaces, and earrings).

Cheryl started making small earrings with gemstones and sterling silver findings.  What began as a hobby grew as she discovered wire-wrapping stones and gems with sterling silver and argentium silver as well as Precious Metal Clay.  Lately, she’s been working with silversmithing.

Together, we hash out problems with storage and organization in our homes.

This website is a new effort.


Author: Cheryl L. Ware

I retired in May 2011 as a Professor of English at McNeese State University in Lake Charles,Louisiana. My father worked for Sun Oil Company, so we moved around, though not as much as many others. We settled in Egan, Louisiana, in 1956. That's where my brother and sister and I grew up, and that's where I find myself once more.

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